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Access Counseling Group is a team of dedicated chemical dependency professionals committed to helping you or a loved one overcome addiction or a substance use disorder. We offer holistic therapies such as individual, family and group therapies to go to the source of the problem. We treat everyone walking through our door compassionately and with utmost respect, understanding that addiction is not a moral failing and is a treatable disease. In addition to our therapies, we offer repeat offender classes, DWI classes, offender education classes, instant drug test products and educational experiences to help your workplace, family or life function in a healthier way.


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Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions that help you tackle issues by building on your strengths.


Group Therapy

Get help working through difficult challenges together.


Family Therapy

Resolve conflicts and create a healthier, more resilient relationship.


Nurse Practitioner, Lisa  Beaver, is Accepting New Patients 


We are excited to announce we have Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Beaver, on our team! We have found that patients who are seen by our Nurse Practitioner, in combination with counseling and treatment services, have better treatment outcomes, longer periods of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs and better medication compliance. The overall improvement in individual and family functioning is also increased. Our Nurse Practitioner is now accepting new patients and will collaborate with referring treatment providers. 

Lisa is from Ohio and has been practicing in the DFW area for the past two years specializing in dual diagnosis and medication assisted treatment for addictions. She has a talent for helping patients who have been resistant to medication compliance. Lisa is known as a dedicated and accomplished nurse practitioner experienced in addiction medicine, mental health, urgent care, family and geriatric care. Lisa is recognized as a compassionate provider and an excellent listener. She posses strong verbal and written communication, with a meticulous eye for detail. In addition, Lisa is a key contributor and collaborator with multidisciplinary teams to provide exceptional health care. She collaborates with individuals, their treatment provider and family members to ensure the best possible care, leading to improved outcomes and increased quality of life.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Dr. Irene Little – CEO / Clinical Director Access Counseling Group, Inc.


Access Counseling is proud to announce that

CEO and Founder

Dr. Irene Little

has published:

Irene Little Book Plano





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Ever wonder what addiction is or how to explain it?

This video is an excerpt from a presentation Irene Little gave to a group of family members who have been struggling with the effects of a loved ones’ addiction.


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This is what our clients are saying about their treatment while at Access Counseling Group…

The counselors here are so welcoming and happy to see you no matter what your reason for being here is. They will help you through all of your steps of recovery no matter how you feel about them because they want the best for you at all costs.

Adult Group Member

This place is all about your child and what is best for him/her. Individual attention is amazing and I’m grateful for every minute for one on one and group. Seeing the highly educated staff really caring about your loved one’s progress is just priceless.

Mother of Adolescent Group Member

My primary counselor, is absolutely amazing! I have gotten the most out of Access Counseling than I have at any other facility that I have been to. I have felt loved since the day I had my first group experience!!

Former Adolescent Group Member

Irene and her staff saw our entire family because an addicts problem is never just their own. I can honestly say were it not for Access Counseling, we would not have made it. There were so many issues to deal with- we were heartbroken and devastated , his siblings were furious and he didn’t know how to navigate the world without drugs.

Irene is intuitive, compassionate  and tough  and we needed all three of those things. She addressed each family member, based on their needs and she quickly won the confidence of our son. There is much he still needs to learn, but he is clean and he is stable and for this we give credit and eternal gratitude to Irene and her incredible staff.


The counselors are rad and the staff get to know you and they care. Groups are small and you get to share a lot if you want. Staff and group members give you support and hold you accountable.

Former Adult Group Member

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