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About Us

The staff at Access Counseling Group | Educated and Compasionate

The staff at Access Counseling Group includes some of the best educated, most highly trained and qualified counselors and staff you’ll find anywhere.

We serve both adults and adolescents, offering a wide variety of services to those people wanting to get back control of their lives. Because families are affected by this, in addition to the Individual Therapy Programs, we also offer Group and Family Therapy.

Taking People from “I Need To Be Sober” To “I Want To Be Sober”

Access Counseling Group’s Director, Dr. Irene Little, has over 20 years of chemical dependency experience working with both adults and juveniles. She developed Access Counseling Group in 2007 and has been serving North Texas communities since then.

Our staff consists of Fully Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC), one or more Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) on staff or on call, as well as well-trained and supervised Counselor Interns. We staff strives to help clients identify a recovery program that best fits their life. Guiding people from feeling “a need to be sober” to “a want to be sober.” We believe in helping people recover from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction and are committed to continual education and new therapies.

At your initial assessment, we will work with you to thoroughly examine what has lead you to seek help at this time and to tailor specific treatment goals accordingly.

During treatment, we will continually re-evaluate your long term and short term goals, as well as the strategies you will use to reach them.

We also maintain small group sizes involving 10 or less people to ensure you receive the individualized treatment you deserve; in both our adolescent and adult groups.

Our Treatment and Therapy Services Are Individualized – We Believe In Relationships…

We make the recovery fit the individual rather than making the individual fit the recovery. We learn what works for each person and design a treatment plan based on their needs. We do not force clients to attend 12 step meetings recognizing that they do not work for everyone. However, if the 12 step approach is something you find helpful, staff have extensive knowledge and experience with the 12 step program and will provide support as requested.

We Work With Agents and Caseworkers…

Taking some of the burden off their shoulders and yours, we work with agents and caseworkers to provide them with the information they need for case files. We can email, fax or phone in reports and also provide random drug test results. We will need written consent from the client before releasing any information.

Our Education Classes are Unique…

From time to time, the courts may require you to attend our Drug Education Classes. We treat all participants with respect. Classes are light and fun while still conveying the importance of information and education.

Onsite Drug Testing and Laboratory Facilities

Access Counseling Group employs the tools necessary to meet the treatment needs of our clients, onsite, quickly, and efficiently.

Our facilities include a Complete Drug Testing Laboratory and a variety of Instant Testing Products.

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